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Usually, the originals are sold out in just a few minutes. So, with a
SECOND CHANCE you will have a new opportunity to have your favorite Sweet Friend.
This means that I'll create another SF that looks as similar as possible to the original. The waiting time around 10 weeks.

Valerie - Second Chance - Handmade polymer clay tiny pony

  • You have now the opportunity to have this Sweet Friend in your collection
    Please have in count that they always have their own personality. Due to their handmade possess, there aren't two Sweet Friends that look exactly the same. That’s why, all of them, have their own Certificate of Authenticity with their own photo and registration number.

    This is a display figurine only and is NOT A TOY. Polymer clay is a durable material. However, to ensure full enjoyment of your new little SF, please handle him/her with care.
    If any small part breakages occur, just use a SMALL amount of super glue.

    Please remember that all Sweet Friends are made by hand and they will have small imperfections as part of the creation process.


    I’ll need around 10 weeks to create your SECOND CHANCE.

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