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You can adopt (order) your Sweet Friend on...

Sweet Friends site -


eBay -


When: Every 1º and 3º Saturday of each month, always at the same hour (if you don't know what hour it will be in your country/city,  just send me a message at

You can find out what I'm creating for each event on Instagram or Facebook (

Where: The originals will be available in our ETSY shop at
In case you have any doubts, or any issues with the payment, please send us a message and we will be more than glad to help you out.

Price: Fixed prices.

Second Chances

When: Every 1º and 3º Saturday of each month.

What it is: These were created to give you the chance to have your favorite Sweet Friend from each Adoption Event.

Usually, the originals are sold out in just a few minutes. So I'll create another one that looks as similar as possible to the original. That's what we call Second Chances.

Where: You will find them available on our site:

Waiting time: Due to the big demand, I'll need around 8 weeks to create your Sweet Friends and have them available to send.

Price: Fixed prices.


When: Every Sunday.

How does it workI create a new Sweet Friend and make him/her available on eBay. These are one-of-a-kind pieces which means that they can't be reproduced. There are no Second Chances or Custom Orders for the Sweet Friends created for eBay.

Price: Bidding system.


When: First day of each month.

How does it work: You can send me a message at explaining your idea. After knowing what you really want, I'll give you the final price and if you agree with the value, I'll send you a link to the SF Sculpture shop where you will be able to pay for your CO.

Like happens with the Second Chances, I'll need around 8 weeks to create your Custom Order.

Price: Fixed prices (depending on the variables like size and details).


I'm delighted to invite you to join us on our Social Network:



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